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Hellmouth of Los Angeles

An end to a new beginning.

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Moderators: _fredless and da_lilah

This is a roleplaying community based on Season Five of "Angel: the Series."

Thank you, rpg_champions!

When Angel signed the contract to take over the LA branch of Wolfram & Hart, he had no idea what he was signing himself up for.

A lot has happened to Team Angel during the past several months. The temporary loss of both Connor and Cordelia, adapting to a new work enviroment, the unexpected return of both Cordelia and Spike, as well as a number of severe changes in the relationships between the team members themselves. All of this change has left them reeling, and nothing could ever have prepared them for the new problem they found themselves faced with soon after taking over the firm.

A new Hellmouth has appeared in Los Angeles, in the basement of Wolfram & Hart itself, giving even more weight to the theory that the firm is the very heart of LA's demon trouble itself.

Only time will tell of what's to come.


Rules and Guidelines

01. W h e n
Each player will be required to post at least once each week, for each character that they play. This will help to ensure that the game stays active. Like most games, we will hit slow spots now and then, but for the most part, we would like to be a high-volume community. Of course, we understand that real life always takes priority! If, for some reason, you are unable to make the minimum posting requirement, please let either one of the mods know by posting in hla_ooc, or via AIM or email. Obviously, you can post more than the requirement -- feel free to post as much as you like! Note: Comments do count as posts, as long as they are of some substance and are longer than just a few lines.

02. H o w
Each character is required to have their own seperate character journal. This eliminates any and all confusion about who is posting what.

03. W h e r e
In-character posts are to be posted in hellmouth_of_la. Any and all out-of-character posts (questions, concerns, plotting, or just plain chatting) are to be posted in hla_ooc.

03. R o l e p l a y
Roleplay may take place through comments or any instant messenger service (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN). Play however you feel comfortable! Also, do not kill or harm a character without the consent of the player! This is a big no-no and is very much frowned upon. It will result in severe spankings. Not the fun, kinky kind, either.

04. C o n t e n t
There are no restrictions on content. Roleplay can fall anywhere between G and NC-17 ratings. We require all of our players to have mature minds. Any roleplay that merits an NC-17 rating needs to be posted behind an LJ-cut, and a brief warning should be written into the initial post so that those who do not wish to read NC-17 content may skip over it. This way, everyone is happy and noone will be offended.

05. S k i l l s
We do not expect you to be novelists! Your spelling, mechanics, grammar, etc., do not have to be perfect. We do, however, expect more than just a few sentences per post. A post constitutes at least two moderately-sized paragraphs. Be thoughtful! Be descriptive! Also, we ask that you have moderately good typing skills we will not tolerate people who tYpE LiEk thIsS. Please keep in mind that LiveJournal does have a spell check option -- use it! ^_^

06. S h i p s / P l o t s / E t c
Ships and plots are both left up to the players themselves. If you have interest in a particular ship, then that matter needs to be taken up with the other player in question. In addition, you are certainly not required to ship if you don't want to! Plots will be a collaborative effort between all players, though the mods will provide a vague framework for plot when required.

07. O r i g i n a l s / G h o s t s
Original characters are allowed as long as they fit the storyline (barring newly risen slayers). Please keep out any gods, goddesses, or overly powerful beings -- these types of characters tend to make things unstable. Send an email including a short profile/background for your original character to both ariel20104@yahoo.com and scully@ihug.co.nz with "Hellmouth of LA" or "HLA" somewhere in the title. Ghosts of deceased characters (example: Tara) are allowed, but please give us a reason for why they would come back.

08. R e s p e c t
Respect your fellow players and moderators! This is a game. Let's keep it fun. No flaming and the like. If you have a problem with another player, please take it away from the game. It doesn't belong here. If the problem is somehow related to the game and you can't work it out yourselves, we are more than happy to help mediate.

09. C o n t a c t
If you happen to be interested in a character that isn't taken, feel free to email ariel20104@yahoo.com and scully@ihug.co.nz and let us know! We'll get back to you ASAP.

10. E n j o y
Have fun! This is totally required. ^_~


The Difference

- Everything up to this point has been according to canon. Cordelia did spend several months being possessed by a Power That Was, and she and Connor did conceive Jasmine together. Angel does take the L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart in order to give Connor a normal life.

- Darla is still alive. She was saved before she could kill herself and successfully gave birth to Connor. She did drop Connor in Angel's hands and continues to terrorize with Drusilla.

- Spike is back in ghostly form, but with an interesting new trick.

- Connor now resides with his adoptive family, the Reillys, in suburbia.

- Winifred did not get posessed by Illyria.


Team Angel
Angel -- undead_handsome
Cordelia Chase -- xxcordeliaxx
Winifred "Fred" Burkle -- _fredless
Harmony Kendall -- dis_harmony
Lorne --
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce -- dark_wesley
Charles Gunn --
Spike -- big_pile_o_dust

Wolfram & Hart
Lilah Morgan -- da_lilah
Eve -- justa_messenger
Marcus Hamilton -- m_hamilton

Buffy Summers -- wiccabuffy
Faith -- msattentionspan
Kennedy -- chosenpotential
Carly Manners* -- enduringcharm

Rupert Giles -- soddedwatcher

Lindsey McDonald -- lawyer_lindsey
Connor --

Drusilla -- singtodarkness
Darla -- fatale_femme
Kyle* -- have_an_apple

* Original Characters

Layout: aucune_gloire
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