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You Got the Touch

When it was clear that something was going to keep distracting me, I shut the doors on my office and asked that I not be disturbed.

When I got wind that the twelve legal aides in my department had gotten so fond of each other that they had started taking bathroom breaks every fifteen minutes as a group, I had to get up and look at the little plastic robots I'd bought at the dime store for a kick.

When I saw my assistant through the glass wall of my office stand up on her chair and start clucking like a chicken, I started winding up my limited edition die-cast Robby the Robot and got soothed by the lights and little spinnin' antennae.

But when the copier technician started runnin' up and down the hall wearin' nothing but smeared-on toner, I knew it would take my very best toy robots to calm me down.

Crouching down beside the shelves that held my display 'bots, I unlocked the cabinets on the bottom, selecting just the perfect robots. The original, never-removed-from-box, mint condition circa 1986 versions were currently sitting in a modified gun chest in my apartment, but the banged-up ones with the peeling decals I kept with me.

The first one I set down looked for all the world like an undersized Walther P38 pistol. I grasped the barrel and the grip and started tugging and twisting and clicking until a short, squat robot form stood menacingly on the carpet.

The second I placed a couple of yards away on its tires and attached the trailer. With loud 'vroom, vroom' sounds, the semi truck drove circles around the gun robot until I stopped it. I pulled off the trailer, then flipped the cab over, turning it into a heroic-looking blue and red robot.

They both sported oversized weaponry, and as I made sure the scene was set just right, I heard the voices starting to make the movie real. I knew I was probably supplyin' the voices, but who knew here, right?

The red, former semi-truck robot glared at his enemy.

"One shall stand," Optimus Prime intoned with a deep, gallant voice, "one shall fall."

The gray gun robot sneered back.

"Why throw away your life so recklessly?" Megatron demanded.

I brought another Decepticon close to Optimus Prime and the big Autobot leader just bashed on it with one swing of his metal fist.

"That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron."

With a crash of plastic steel and circuitry, the Transformer leaders clashed in a great battle of good versus evil. I grinned.

This time, Prime wasn't gonna die.
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