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A Bit Rough Around the Edges

"Was there anything else we needed to discuss?"

The statement or question.. either way it had me more than rattled a bit. Still rattled actually as I hobbled about the halls. My memory was getting spotty, and for some reason or another I had all these human emotions. That wasn't supposed to happen. Well at least not the emotions I was experiencing at least. The interest in Harmony and her unicorns, the compassion I showed for Lilah in the restroom, then Hamilton. Well either way it all showed signs of weakness.

I wasn't supposed to be weak. Although my knees not very sturdy at the moment. Though understandable. I was actually having to concentrate to sort out just what I was doing. It was taking a lot of concentration not to just start wandering the halls too. I kept finding myself humming as well, and that was more than unsettling. It was just wrong.

Every twelve or twenty steps I would find myself stopping in the middle of the hall wondering where I was headed. It just felt so wrong. How could I be this confused? How could I be this forgetful?

I wanted to figure it out. Perhaps it was something I ate last night? Though I can't even remember what I did yesterday. I just know that this morning everything was fine. I got up, and came to work and now I was having all sorts of issues.

Glancing around the building I suppose I am not the only one. Trace from Accounting had just run past me wearing toga made of the draperies in the lounge. It wasn't really the proper work attire at all.

I knew that someone had to know something, but at that moment I couldn't remember who could help me. There was someone in the building... a Frank, or Gert or someone that was supposed to be smart about this stuff. I just couldn't remember them.

Once again I was in the middle of the hall. I stared down toward the end of it, and tipped my head up.

"Huh. Flurescent lighting. Not very flattering at all."

My hand slap against my hips and I scream out in pain. What the hell? Why am I in so much pain? I go to continue down the hall and I can feel my hips aching.

Woah. That can't be good.

"Did I get hit by a car or something?"

I have got to see how bad this is. I hobble towards the restroom and begin to hike my skirt up. There are red swollen nail marks running along my thighs, and what looks to be slight bruising on my hips. It looks like someone clawed at me.

"I got attacked by a demon and no one told me??" Even better than that, I had completely forgotten about it. It had to be recent too, which meant it happened here at work. This isn't good at all. There is a demon on the loose and he is going about attacking people and making them forget.

It's an amnesia demon or something. I need to kill it. Before it hurts anyone else. I know exactly what I need to do. I just can't remember what that is all of a sudden.

I glance down to my shoes and notice I am hiking my skirt up around my hips and my lower half is all banged up like I was in a hit and run, or a demon attack.

"THE DEMON ATTACK!!" Points to me for remembering something finally. I shift my skirt back down and head down to the lab. I am sure there are weapons and everything there. I just need to concentrate. Keep the memory in my head long enough to get there and get the weapon and get out.

The memory is locked in. Nothing going to get it out. I head down to the lab. The stairs were a stupid choice and I have no idea why I was terrified of the elevator. I push the doors to the lab open and see a ton of people. Woah. I wonder if they are here to find out about the demon too. Well I am not about to just stand around and talk to them - hey. Dead Watcher on the table.

I am sure no one even noticed me head around to the back of the lab and grab one of the impact emitters. Compact and packing a powerful punch they should at least knock out the demon that did this too me. Keep the memory in there Eve, don't let it fade away. I head out the back door to the lab and bump into someone in the hall. I haven't a clue who they are, but they are singing at the top of their lungs, and off-key.

That is just horrible. Someone should tell him that he is-

What am I doing with an impact emitter?

((Open to Lilah, as I am hoping she has seen Eve wandering in the lab and out the back so that we can do the tiny scene we planned out))
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