Faith Lehane (msattentionspan) wrote in hellmouth_of_la,
Faith Lehane

Gettin' Some Air... and a Stripper!

I slipped free of that mass gatherin' and made my way into the hallway. It was a damn big hallway too. I mean how the hell did I find this place anyway? Must'a left my map somewhere else. No matter, I was a Slayer. Natural instincts or some shit. I started to mill around, opening doors lookin' around. Most of it was run of the mill borin' offices and storage. Caught a few people all makin' out on the top of a file cabinet. That was different. Saw some people all dancin' round in their underoo's which was sorta cute. I mean if I had any panties on I could'a joined 'em.

I finally found the elevator but when the doors opened, there was some dude takin' a nap in there. I wasn't 'bout to be all wakin' him up. I mean maybe he was really tired. The stairs are just fine. I started up them and man their were like a million of them. After a few flights I forgot where I was goin' I mean I had somethin' to do right? Somethin' about a stripper?

Damn. What was I doin'?

I pushed a door open on the next landin' and took a sigh of relief when it was a normal office floor. I had to be in some office buildin' or somethin' maybe there was a demon infestation or somethin' but that didn't explain away that feelin' I had. Somethin' about strippin' or lookin' for a party?

I reached in my back pocket seein' if I had a note or an address or an office number or somethin' to go off of. But nothin' plus I wasn't really sure if I was wearin' the right thing for a stripper. I mean I was pretty sure this was Slayin' gear, not Layin' gear.

No matter.

I headed down the hallway lookin' into the offices tryin' to at least guess which one I was supposed to go to. I was gettin' a bit dizzy turnin' around and checkin' all the offices that I didn't even notice when I was at the end of the hall.

Well fuck. Which office was it?

Looks like someone is just gonna get a pop-in visit, cause I am lost.

I headed down the hall and swung open the first door I came across. C. Chase Funny, I used to go to school with a chick named that. Last I heard she was in LA too. What are the odds?

"Must be your lucky day Miss Chase." I slammed the door shut and started runnin' my hands through my hair. It was all twisted funny, but soon it was all fallin' the way it was s'posed to. "Cause you are gonna get one hell of a - show?"

The chair spun around and I was starin' Cor' right in the face. Then in the boobs, cause DAMN she was stacked.
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