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Back to Work

As quickly as I could I mentally untangled myself from time spent with friends and family, and made my way back up the stairs to the opposite place from that...the work place. The lab. My words to Wesley weren't too far behind me, about how secluded this day had felt, but with each step such things went further and further away. For better or worse, I had a job to do. Though, since when had such final words started getting attached to the work we did. No matter what happened, back at the hotel...there had always been hope. Even if I had to grab a shovel or a pick, and literally did it up myself. In the very unliteral sense at least.

What we normally tended to really dig up, well it didn't tend to be as friendly a thing as hope.

Reaching the lab I pulled at my coat a bit and sent a quick glance around the room before making my way to the autopsy table. A long sheet lovered the body before, and the stark white color of it seemed very much out of place. Knox hovered nearby, my request for him to stay away never truely heeded. It went back to my original fears of my inability to run this place. I looked up to my office, as it suddenly seemed awfully inviting again. At least a glace or two kept Knox at a distance...that and a few glares besides.

Sighing, I lifted the clipboard that had come in with the body free from its place at the base of the gurney. Time to start figure out just who this...woman was.

What had happened to her.

And why we were so interested...

((open to Lilah, Faith, Wesley, Roger, Kennedy, and whoever else wants to join the party))
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