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Okay Then...

"Well, now that's just... silly. I can't imagine how anyone here wouldn't like you. Plenty to like."

"Plenty to like," I echoed, confused. No one liked me around here. I wasn't that out of it. Unless -- I did a quick visual check, as good as any undead gal could do these days. "You think I'm fat don't you? This is you when you think you are being funny, only you really aren't. And then your friends just laugh cause they have to!"

That really wasn't nice of me.

"I mean..."

I was so cutting back on the otter.

"No problem. I'm your boss, Harmony, but I think things would go a lot better around here if I was your friend, too. Don't you want us to be friends, Harmony?"

I tilted my head, giving that idea a go.

"Do I have to laugh at every joke?" But then really, who was I kidding. My voice dropped a little. A lot. "A friend would be nice."

"You know, Harmony, I'd like to take the 'I guess' out of that statement. And the 'okay', too. I want your job to be a great, wonderful experience...I want working here... for me... to be a very pleasurable, er, pleasant experience."

His hands were so on my shoulders. His hands were still so on my shoulders? His hands were ---

"Ummmm, are we still talking about work?"

"Well, I'll let you get right back to that job. Draw up those requisitions and I'll sign them right away, got it? And you go have a good day."

And now his hand was on my ass. Angel had been really nice and all, so I was gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and not think he was checking for otter-induced weight gain.

"Ok then," I called over my shoulder as I left his office. "And ok! And...ok?"

I settled back into my desk.

I had other people's money to spend.

Which I, you know, appreciated.

((open to Spike))
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