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Very Interesting.

It was quite a nice office with city view for an entry-level do-gooder position in team Angel. They could have done a lot better - bigger view, bigger chair - but then again, why complain? I was right where I wanted to be, where I needed to be, and with my foot in the door. All that I needed to do now was work my way up the food chain and implement my charm on the goodie do-gooders to get close to them, gain their trust and make them believe that I was on their goody-good side. It was going to be interesting to see how things would develop from here. But with a 'top notch' team, like the one Angel had working for him, I doubted I would come across any real bumps in the road.

I had to admit that Eve had come through for me like she always had. Not that I ever doubted her. Her eye to detail was impeccable as was her expensive taste in clothes. I was just still a little ticked at her for not informing me through the proper channels about the last minute decisions she had taken upon herself to change with regards to our plans. But it all seemed to work for the best. Now everything was simply just a matter of time… and coordination on our parts.

I sat behind my desk and smiled. I looked over the pitiable excuse of a case that I would be working on for weeks, or… week, idly reading through the hand written notes and the printed report. This was going to put me on Mr. C.E.O vamp detective’s good graces. For a while at least. There was still much work to be done, and really, I didn’t think the guy was so stupid as to believe my façade so quickly and so early in the game. And if he did? Well, then he was more foolish than I had originally though. So I guess I had to give the guy credit for at least just that. Kudos to the ensoul boss.

I leaned back on the chair, as I leafed through the file. As I read, my hands began to undo my tie. After thirty seconds or so I frowned when I realized what it was that I was doing. Well that’s interestingly new… I thought to myself. I had never done something like that, especially not at my place of work. Not unless I was undressing for bed or for… other things. But somehow this felt completely natural, so I paid no real attention to it and went back to reading the file. There was nothing in there that I didn’t already know. I suppose I just wanted to go through the motions. Still, it felt a little off, but nothing was really out of the ordinary.

Except for my tie… already off of my neck and laid neatly across the table. “Hmm… very interestingly new.”

Before I knew it the first two buttons on my shirt and my cuffs were also undone. Nothing wrong with that, right? Many people did that now a days. Mostly on casual Fridays. In fact, the more I thought about it, I couldn’t understand why the idea hadn’t crossed my thoughts before, but it didn’t seem to really matter at the present moment. Nevertheless, some things still felt a little strange, I couldn’t quiet place why things felt a little off, almost as if I was not quite myself.

Definitely interesting.
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