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Someone needs a talkin' to...

After getting directions from Lilah, I walked through as many fuckin' walls and doors and floors as it took me t'finally get t'Percy's office. Maybe if he got me all riled up enough, I'd be able t'punch him.

Heh. There was a trick I hadn't learned just yet...

Saw him finally, lookin' all morose - oh, poor soddin' baby, got snogged by two birds and now were we feelin' conflicted? Good.

Wait, why was it good? Couldn't remember... oh! On account of the hittin' he'd done t'Miss L.

"You," I started, pointin' a finger at him, "should be ashamed of yourself... runnin' 'bout, kissin' LILAH when we knew you were daft over SweetPea - and I am not 'bout t'be the one t'tell of your indiscretion mind you - but you didn't have the balls t'stand up! Admit you liked it?"

I walked closer t'him until I was smack dab in the center of his desk, then sat down on it. Huh... didn't know i could do that. I stood, then sat, stood, then sat... walked outta the desk, then back and sat again, crossin' my arms and tryin' t'remember why I was here again.

"What did you say?"

No, wait, I'd been the one yabberin' on... 'bout what though... oh, shit, right! Snoggin' and then...

"And then you went off and hit her?" Shook my head at him. "S'not right, you should see her, mate... tryin' t'put make-up on and it looks just the same, all bruised up and shit... when I was evil I didn't do that sorta thing t'birds..."

I stood and walked through the desk until I was inches from his fuckin' face. Oh yeah, maybe... maybe... I concentrated, and pointed a finger at his chest with a satisfyin' touch, or shove, rather, and laughed.

"Yeah... you best watch it, mate. Call yourself a White Hat, but you're cheatin' on Fred, slappin' Lilah... I'm not goin' t'forget this. Consider yourself one lucky bloke that nothin' happened today on account of me bein' ghostly and all..."

I slipped down through the floor before he could say another word, and landed in an empty office where I made myself nice and comfy.

Yeah, much better...

((Open to Wes... then Fred & Cordy when they're done talking))
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