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Just to Protect [14 Jul 2010|11:58pm]

This is to protect the work here from LJs upcoming purging, should anyone want to read.
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You Got the Touch [20 Sep 2005|12:10am]

[ mood | crazy ]

When it was clear that something was going to keep distracting me, I shut the doors on my office and asked that I not be disturbed.

When I got wind that the twelve legal aides in my department had gotten so fond of each other that they had started taking bathroom breaks every fifteen minutes as a group, I had to get up and look at the little plastic robots I'd bought at the dime store for a kick.

When I saw my assistant through the glass wall of my office stand up on her chair and start clucking like a chicken, I started winding up my limited edition die-cast Robby the Robot and got soothed by the lights and little spinnin' antennae.

But when the copier technician started runnin' up and down the hall wearin' nothing but smeared-on toner, I knew it would take my very best toy robots to calm me down.

Crouching down beside the shelves that held my display 'bots, I unlocked the cabinets on the bottom, selecting just the perfect robots. The original, never-removed-from-box, mint condition circa 1986 versions were currently sitting in a modified gun chest in my apartment, but the banged-up ones with the peeling decals I kept with me.

The first one I set down looked for all the world like an undersized Walther P38 pistol. I grasped the barrel and the grip and started tugging and twisting and clicking until a short, squat robot form stood menacingly on the carpet.

The second I placed a couple of yards away on its tires and attached the trailer. With loud 'vroom, vroom' sounds, the semi truck drove circles around the gun robot until I stopped it. I pulled off the trailer, then flipped the cab over, turning it into a heroic-looking blue and red robot.

They both sported oversized weaponry, and as I made sure the scene was set just right, I heard the voices starting to make the movie real. I knew I was probably supplyin' the voices, but who knew here, right?

The red, former semi-truck robot glared at his enemy.

"One shall stand," Optimus Prime intoned with a deep, gallant voice, "one shall fall."

The gray gun robot sneered back.

"Why throw away your life so recklessly?" Megatron demanded.

I brought another Decepticon close to Optimus Prime and the big Autobot leader just bashed on it with one swing of his metal fist.

"That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron."

With a crash of plastic steel and circuitry, the Transformer leaders clashed in a great battle of good versus evil. I grinned.

This time, Prime wasn't gonna die.

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[09 Sep 2005|11:31pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

((Cont from HERE))

"We're getting married!!"

I sunk to the floor upon hearing such words, glad that the Moor was gone -- or perhaps I had imagined him entirely? -- but now what was I to do? No one I spoke to appeared to even acknowledge me, and now... oh now, my world was lost.

My beloved married to another? To... to... to a trollop?

My intended poem was discarded, and another came to mind...

Leave me, O Love, which reachest but to dust,
And thou my mind aspire to higher things:
Grow rich in that which never taketh rust:
Whatever fades, but fading pleasure brings.

Draw in thy beams, and humble all thy might,
To that sweet yoke, where lasting freedoms be:
Which breaks the clouds and opens forth the light,
That doth both shine and give us sight to see.

I wiped at the tears on my cheeks and sought out something to end it all... a-ha! There, on a desk, appeared a blade of sorts. Yes, just the sort of thing for a poet to use to end his miserable life.

O take fast hold, let that light be thy guide,
In this small course which birth draws out to death,
And think how evil becometh him to slide,
Who seeketh heaven, and comes of heavenly breath.

"Come home, sweet dagger!" I shouted as I thrust it into my chest and... nothing happened. I tried again, then once more with the same results. "But... surely... no. how can this be?"

Then farewell world, thy uttermost I see,
Eternal Love, maintain thy life in me.

I sank to the floor once more, grasping the blade with all the sadness I felt, yet everytime it hit my chest, it passed through me... again, and again, and again...

"How can I commit suicide properly to show my beloved how his rejection has hurt me if I cannot even pierce my own breast?"


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Is This Place A Maze Or What? [29 Aug 2005|09:47pm]

I wandered the halls, desperately trying to find my way back outside. I couldn't remember where I'd came in. Roger had been with me and we had been talking, so I wasn't really paying much attention.

I found a stairwell and headed downstairs, searching for the door, or even someone familiar. Where the hell had Faith gone? Hello, I thought she was hungry too. I guess she had some kind of appointment she might have forgotten about.

Where the hell was the door? This place can't be that big. Can it?

I sighed, stopping in the middle of the hall and running my hand through my hair. I was getting very frustrated. Almost to the point of tears. And I don't cry. I never cry. But right now? If I didn't find the front door and get my pizza, I seriously might.

Leaning against the wall, I slid down and sat in the floor, holding my head in my hands. I was lost. And I was never getting out of this place. And I sure as hell wasn't getting my pizza.

A ringing sound startled me from my thoughts and I looked around, wondering what was going on. Was it some kind of fire alarm? Cause if it was? I was going to be engulfed in the flames, unable to find my way out. If I didn't starve to death first.

Then I realized it was my cellphone. Oh right. Pulling it out of my back pocket, I flipped it open, holding it to my ear cautiously.

"Hello?" I whispered, my eyes wide as I looked up and down the hall. Someone could be listening. Or watching me. You never know.

((open to the other end of the line *L*))
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A Bit Rough Around the Edges [30 Jul 2005|05:14pm]
"Was there anything else we needed to discuss?"

The statement or question.. either way it had me more than rattled a bit. Still rattled actually as I hobbled about the halls. My memory was getting spotty, and for some reason or another I had all these human emotions. That wasn't supposed to happen. Well at least not the emotions I was experiencing at least. The interest in Harmony and her unicorns, the compassion I showed for Lilah in the restroom, then Hamilton. Well either way it all showed signs of weakness.

I wasn't supposed to be weak. Although my knees not very sturdy at the moment. Though understandable. I was actually having to concentrate to sort out just what I was doing. It was taking a lot of concentration not to just start wandering the halls too. I kept finding myself humming as well, and that was more than unsettling. It was just wrong.

Every twelve or twenty steps I would find myself stopping in the middle of the hall wondering where I was headed. It just felt so wrong. How could I be this confused? How could I be this forgetful?

I wanted to figure it out. Perhaps it was something I ate last night? Though I can't even remember what I did yesterday. I just know that this morning everything was fine. I got up, and came to work and now I was having all sorts of issues.

Glancing around the building I suppose I am not the only one. Trace from Accounting had just run past me wearing toga made of the draperies in the lounge. It wasn't really the proper work attire at all.

I knew that someone had to know something, but at that moment I couldn't remember who could help me. There was someone in the building... a Frank, or Gert or someone that was supposed to be smart about this stuff. I just couldn't remember them.

Once again I was in the middle of the hall. I stared down toward the end of it, and tipped my head up.

"Huh. Flurescent lighting. Not very flattering at all."

My hand slap against my hips and I scream out in pain. What the hell? Why am I in so much pain? I go to continue down the hall and I can feel my hips aching.

Woah. That can't be good.

"Did I get hit by a car or something?"

I have got to see how bad this is. I hobble towards the restroom and begin to hike my skirt up. There are red swollen nail marks running along my thighs, and what looks to be slight bruising on my hips. It looks like someone clawed at me.

"I got attacked by a demon and no one told me??" Even better than that, I had completely forgotten about it. It had to be recent too, which meant it happened here at work. This isn't good at all. There is a demon on the loose and he is going about attacking people and making them forget.

It's an amnesia demon or something. I need to kill it. Before it hurts anyone else. I know exactly what I need to do. I just can't remember what that is all of a sudden.

I glance down to my shoes and notice I am hiking my skirt up around my hips and my lower half is all banged up like I was in a hit and run, or a demon attack.

"THE DEMON ATTACK!!" Points to me for remembering something finally. I shift my skirt back down and head down to the lab. I am sure there are weapons and everything there. I just need to concentrate. Keep the memory in my head long enough to get there and get the weapon and get out.

The memory is locked in. Nothing going to get it out. I head down to the lab. The stairs were a stupid choice and I have no idea why I was terrified of the elevator. I push the doors to the lab open and see a ton of people. Woah. I wonder if they are here to find out about the demon too. Well I am not about to just stand around and talk to them - hey. Dead Watcher on the table.

I am sure no one even noticed me head around to the back of the lab and grab one of the impact emitters. Compact and packing a powerful punch they should at least knock out the demon that did this too me. Keep the memory in there Eve, don't let it fade away. I head out the back door to the lab and bump into someone in the hall. I haven't a clue who they are, but they are singing at the top of their lungs, and off-key.

That is just horrible. Someone should tell him that he is-

What am I doing with an impact emitter?

((Open to Lilah, as I am hoping she has seen Eve wandering in the lab and out the back so that we can do the tiny scene we planned out))
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Gettin' Some Air... and a Stripper! [16 Jul 2005|03:52am]

I slipped free of that mass gatherin' and made my way into the hallway. It was a damn big hallway too. I mean how the hell did I find this place anyway? Must'a left my map somewhere else. No matter, I was a Slayer. Natural instincts or some shit. I started to mill around, opening doors lookin' around. Most of it was run of the mill borin' offices and storage. Caught a few people all makin' out on the top of a file cabinet. That was different. Saw some people all dancin' round in their underoo's which was sorta cute. I mean if I had any panties on I could'a joined 'em.

I finally found the elevator but when the doors opened, there was some dude takin' a nap in there. I wasn't 'bout to be all wakin' him up. I mean maybe he was really tired. The stairs are just fine. I started up them and man their were like a million of them. After a few flights I forgot where I was goin' I mean I had somethin' to do right? Somethin' about a stripper?

Damn. What was I doin'?

I pushed a door open on the next landin' and took a sigh of relief when it was a normal office floor. I had to be in some office buildin' or somethin' maybe there was a demon infestation or somethin' but that didn't explain away that feelin' I had. Somethin' about strippin' or lookin' for a party?

I reached in my back pocket seein' if I had a note or an address or an office number or somethin' to go off of. But nothin' plus I wasn't really sure if I was wearin' the right thing for a stripper. I mean I was pretty sure this was Slayin' gear, not Layin' gear.

No matter.

I headed down the hallway lookin' into the offices tryin' to at least guess which one I was supposed to go to. I was gettin' a bit dizzy turnin' around and checkin' all the offices that I didn't even notice when I was at the end of the hall.

Well fuck. Which office was it?

Looks like someone is just gonna get a pop-in visit, cause I am lost.

I headed down the hall and swung open the first door I came across. C. Chase Funny, I used to go to school with a chick named that. Last I heard she was in LA too. What are the odds?

"Must be your lucky day Miss Chase." I slammed the door shut and started runnin' my hands through my hair. It was all twisted funny, but soon it was all fallin' the way it was s'posed to. "Cause you are gonna get one hell of a - show?"

The chair spun around and I was starin' Cor' right in the face. Then in the boobs, cause DAMN she was stacked.
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When it's time to change, then it's time to change [12 Jul 2005|11:13pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Harmony left the office, and I had to restrain myself from running out the door after her. Wait, why did I do that again? Why shouldn't I go after Harmony? It's my law firm, there's nothing stopping me from walking out of my office and talking to my very own secretary, was there? Of course not!

I took a few steps only to almost walk right through Spike. Now I remembered, it was Spike that was keeping me here. I was arguing with Spike, and that was always a priority, just like it had been for a century. Nothing got between me and some good verbal sparring with my old sidekick. Secretly, a lot of days here at W&H, the only highlight to the day was berating Spike.

Turning around to really give him a good shouting at, Spike disappeared.

"Well, that wasn't very fair," I said to no one.

With Spike gone, though, I could get back to what I'd been doing in the first place.

And that was...

Scratching my chin, trying to remember what I'd been about to do when Spike had vanished, I looked all around my office. Heading over to my desk, I rustled through the papers, and even tried looking through the files on my computer. Nothing told me a damn thing about what I was supposed to do today other than try and figure out what was going on with the whole Hellmouth deal. Finally, I reached over to my phone, figuring that of anybody, my secretary would have an idea about my schedule.

I almost fell out of my chair.

My secretary! Of course! How could I have been so stupid, I asked myself, and not just about forgetting a minute ago, but about who blind I'd been for years.

Throwing the doors of my office open, grin on my face, I strode proudly and just a little nervously across the floor until I reached Harmony's desk.

"Harmony, I have something very important I want to discuss with you," I said, in a mock-stern boss voice. Taking her by the delicate, elegant wrist, I tugged Harmony gently up out of her chair and led her around the desk until we were both standing in front of it.

"Harmony," I said, more softly now, fighting not to get lost in those big, beautiful, kinda vacant eyes. "Harmony, I know we haven't had the best relationship over the years-- you tried to kill me, I tried to kill you... you work for the most evil corporate entity in the universe, and now I run the company. But there are always bound to be bumps in the road, right?"

I was rambling, and I knew it, but I had to get everything I had off my chest and out of my heart.

"What I'm saying, I guess, is that I want to make up for all of that right here, right now. I want to show you that there isn't a bit of that old me left, and nothing but the new, all-Harmony, all the time me."

Knowing that it might ruin my suit-- but not caring-- I went down on one knee in front of her.

"Harmony-- marry me!"

((Open to Harmony))

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Ode to my Beloved! [11 Jul 2005|11:27pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

"And therefore if to love can be desert,
I am not all unworthy. Cheeks as pale
As these you see, and trembling knees that fail
To bear the burden of a heavy heart, -
This weary minstrel-life that once was girt
To climb Aornus, and can scarce avail
To pipe now 'gainst the valley nightingale
A melancholy music,--why advert
To these things?"

I paused in my writing, wondering if it mattered whether or not one actually held a pen between one's fingers if the words, O the words, were spoke from the heart to the beloved! And my beloved had no inkling, none yet, of the truth of these words! O, that I might sit beside the lovely one and merely... gaze upon that face that captured this poor poet's heart!

Hmm... it is slightly late, however. Perhaps speaking the words aloud would not do me any good, especially if Mum was home waiting for me. Twas almost suppertime, after all. Words could wait...

O, but they could not!

I smiled again as I walked amongst the people oblivious to bulge swelling in my heart, and finished my words.

"O Angel, it is plain
I am not of thy worth nor for thy place!
And yet, because I love thee, I obtain
From that same love this vindicating grace
To live on still in love, and yet in vain, -
To bless thee, yet renounce thee to thy face."

I sighed happily, straightening my jacket and pushing the glasses higher up after they had slipped down slightly. "Excuse me, miss, but might you--?" How odd. The young lady gave a strange look and continued walking away.

I suppose after that party at Cecily's, I should be used to such things... but part of me still hopes.

"Sir, I--"

"Yes, so sorry to bother, but--"

This time, my sigh was of frustration. If no one would speak to me, however could I deliver my new poem to my love?


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Finding the Dark [07 Jul 2005|08:10pm]

[ mood | listless ]

I reached up to the top of the gurney, feeling for the sheet that had once covered the body for politeness' sake, or at least to keep any of the others from looking at the things they didn't want to really see in the first place. Or...the last place...or at all. All I knew was that it purpose seemed to be concealment, and that suited me as much as mostly anything else had today.

Oh there were a few other elses tickling the back of my brain, but it couldn't seem to become anything more solid than a face, and a voice. I was loosing names again, things getting harder as they got simpler. Slipping the sheet around me, I marveled at the softness of it even as the odor that clung to it made me want to shrink away. As it always seemed to be, it was decision time. Was the sheet a need, or a want? Would it keep me going...surviving...living? Or was it just something to get in the way, the things that lead to trouble.

I think there had been some flowers once, far away and out of reach, and I had wanted them in a very uneeded way. They weren't about food or shelter, and they weren't anything close to nessecery. I went to far...and I was sure there was more to the story there I wasn't remembering. Was it mine? Or someone elses? I think it just might be a little, and a lot of both.

Ignoring the voices above me I curled into a smalled ball, hand reaching up to trace the smooth, metal surface above me. It didn't feel right, and it didn't look that way either. I was still much too exposed, all the air that rushed by making me nervous. I would just have to make due until I could find something else. Something...safer.

I began to scetch my plans into the sky, ignoring the way the silver plane reflected my face back at me.

"I need to get past all that," I answered myself, continuing to write. "I need to go further..."

((Open to Faith and Kennedy...and Wes, Lilah and Roger when they arrive))

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The plague of thoughts. [09 Jun 2005|12:47am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

I was lookin' over files, sittin' in my office, no different then any other day really, except that it was.

This day was different, because like the last couple, we now knew that we had a hellmouth right here, sittin' below us.

Didn't really know what all of that meant, but I had heard Angel talk about Sunnydale a lot and was guessin' that it was goin' to be a party; the kind that you didn't really want to go to.

Not that I was doin' a lot of partyin' lately. With all of the shit that we had goin' on hre and havin' to defend scumbags at the behest of the senior partners, and then dealin' with the guilt of that, not exactly the best thing for the soul, and definitely took any partyin' edge away.

I tossed the pen in my hand down on the file that I was lookin' at. It wasn't the most disgustin' client that I had ever seen, or had to represent, but then again, all of them were scum, people that I wanted to hit, and yet, I had to spin off the Gilbert and Sullivan in the car on the way to the courthouse and get in there and dazzle.

I had been feelin' kinda worse, as every case went by and I missed the slayin', nothin' like dustin' some vamps, but somethin' else was botherin' me right now.

I got up, and it was sort of involuntary. I didn't even mean to, but I just found myself lookin' out the window and there, was Knox of all people!

I closed my eyes and opened them again, and this time, he wasn't sittin' there smilin' at me like the very dead scientist that he was, just seconds ago.

I couldn't help but think about Fred. Yeah, we still got along great, but the distance wasn't easy to deal with and of course, Knox had been there, tryin' to woo her first and after that, well, Wes had seemed to get what he had always wanted.

That was cool, but seein' Knox hoverin' outside of a window, lacked in the 'I want that to happen all of the time department. Maybe I was workin' too hard? Hell, that couldn't be it. I didn't know any other way.

I paced around a little bit and sat down, the chair not as comfortable as it normally was, not iftting my form exactly the way it usually did, nice and snug, supportin' my back.

I started to open the file back up, but I could swear that on the top of the file, I saw the name Alanna Gunn. I looked at it again. My baby sis' name wasn't there, but twice in a manner of minutes, I had seen somethin' and was a little freaked.

Tryin' to deflect those thoughts away and focus on the team, the objective here, I positioned myself in the chair in a way that was comfy and cozy and put my hands behind the back of my head, just tryin' to chill for a minute.

Before, of course, I prepared for the next case.

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Excuse me, I have to go right a wrong. And since when do we have Brad Pitt on speed dial? [30 May 2005|10:55pm]

Oh God, kill me.

Another unproductive day around here is more than I can take. Everyone is wasting time with the new Hellmouth, and no one wants to do anything even remotely interesting. Personally, I'm pissed off that Lorne didn't tell me how connected his contacts are. Colin Farrel is a complete nobody compared to some of the names on his list. I could be having dinner with Johnny Depp right now. I could be clubbing with Paris Hilton in London. And now that I have more options for social superiority than I ever have, I'm stuck doing a desk job at a law firm.

Life never wants to do me any favors. All I do is give, and give, and get nothing in return. No, wait. I get comatose. I get used as a rent-a-body for a higher power because I was willing to do good. It's time for that to change. I made a mistake when I stopped asking what the world could do for Cordelia Chase. My fame was taken from me once, but now, with Wolfram and Hart's resources?

Oh, I'll set things straight.

I can be famous and still have my visions. And my "job" requires so little actual work that I can probably keep that up for a little while. I'll work it in between shopping and restarting my acting career. I'm so overdue for a spree that it's, well, completely and utterly depressing. I can't even think about it or I'll start crying again.

I did that when I got back up here after lunch, and one of the smurf demons was looking at me like I was the weird one. In my opinion, if you live a cerulean colored life, and you're not allowed to pass judgement on anyone.

It's like how Spike can't make jokes about bad dye jobs. I'm still surprised that they didn't bring him back with his natural color to show mercy on our eyesight.

Nevermind, no one around here knows the meaning of that word.

Whatever. They'd probably just screw it up anyway.
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The Collecting of Thoughts [25 May 2005|09:25am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Even after she and then Cordelia had both left the office, after custodial services had cleared away the remnants of our feast, Fred's words regarding her unusual experiences so far this day stayed with me.

"Well, when I got here this morning, other than I visit to drop off some mail... I haven't seen anyone today, I mean any of ya'll. I went right up to my office, and... I stayed up in my office? I... I think I might have even spent some time under my desk? That's strange right? I am right in thinking that's off?"

She certainly had been correct, as far as I was concerned. Cordy's relating of Lorne's unusual reaction to a reading had also struck me as unusual. Adding all that to the wildly irregular happenings in this very office of a few hours ago, and I felt exceedingly justified in feeling suspicious. Of what, and to what end, I was still unfortunately at a total loss.

Sitting down at my desk, I tried to calm myself and clear my mind. Perhaps, I thought, if I could only arrange and order what I knew about the situation I might be able to piece together a solution, or at least, some direction.

Since arriving this morning, I'd felt somewhat scatterbrained-- almost as if I were having trouble concentrating on simple tasks or recalling very recent events. And then there was the one, glaring and infurating example of intolerably unacceptable behaviour. I shook my head, ruefully recalling just how simple and straightforwardly wonderful the day before had been. Away from this office building, away from Wolfram & Hart, things had been all but perfect.

With something of a more pleasant thought giving me a brief respite from my worries, I reached for the phone to give Fred a quick call to thank her for her gift.

((Open to Lilah, then Roger))

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[24 May 2005|12:03pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I stormed into his office - well, alright, floated on in - and waited till he came back from wherever the hell he'd been at.

Whether Harm followed or not was another matter entirely.

Think I waited a good long while, or maybe that was just me. But the Great and Powerful Oz finally decided t'show up and I shoved my finger into his face. "You," I started, "have been a very bad vamp."

Hookin' my thumb toward Harm, I nodded again, crossin' my arms and waitin' for him t'get the whole picture... only it seemed like he was daft. Couldn't see the paints or colors at all or somesuch..

"Fine," I sighed wearily, "Lemme put this into words even you can understand in that pea-brain of yours."

I leaned in closer t'him, still angry for what he'd tried t'do. Or, already HAD done for all I knew.

"You. Harm. Talk." I waited, but he kept givin' me that look. What the fuck would it take? "I'm her protector, see. I make sure nothin' bad comes t'the bird, and you," I added, "are bad. BAD. Right, you gettin' the picture now, mate? Or do I need t'use Crayola-fuckin'-crayons for you t'understand me, hmm?"

((Open to Angel, and if she wants Harmony))

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Back to Work [20 May 2005|10:13pm]

[ mood | busy ]

As quickly as I could I mentally untangled myself from time spent with friends and family, and made my way back up the stairs to the opposite place from that...the work place. The lab. My words to Wesley weren't too far behind me, about how secluded this day had felt, but with each step such things went further and further away. For better or worse, I had a job to do. Though, since when had such final words started getting attached to the work we did. No matter what happened, back at the hotel...there had always been hope. Even if I had to grab a shovel or a pick, and literally did it up myself. In the very unliteral sense at least.

What we normally tended to really dig up, well it didn't tend to be as friendly a thing as hope.

Reaching the lab I pulled at my coat a bit and sent a quick glance around the room before making my way to the autopsy table. A long sheet lovered the body before, and the stark white color of it seemed very much out of place. Knox hovered nearby, my request for him to stay away never truely heeded. It went back to my original fears of my inability to run this place. I looked up to my office, as it suddenly seemed awfully inviting again. At least a glace or two kept Knox at a distance...that and a few glares besides.

Sighing, I lifted the clipboard that had come in with the body free from its place at the base of the gurney. Time to start figure out just who this...woman was.

What had happened to her.

And why we were so interested...

((open to Lilah, Faith, Wesley, Roger, Kennedy, and whoever else wants to join the party))

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Okay Then... [27 Apr 2005|11:36pm]

"Well, now that's just... silly. I can't imagine how anyone here wouldn't like you. Plenty to like."

"Plenty to like," I echoed, confused. No one liked me around here. I wasn't that out of it. Unless -- I did a quick visual check, as good as any undead gal could do these days. "You think I'm fat don't you? This is you when you think you are being funny, only you really aren't. And then your friends just laugh cause they have to!"

That really wasn't nice of me.

"I mean..."

I was so cutting back on the otter.

"No problem. I'm your boss, Harmony, but I think things would go a lot better around here if I was your friend, too. Don't you want us to be friends, Harmony?"

I tilted my head, giving that idea a go.

"Do I have to laugh at every joke?" But then really, who was I kidding. My voice dropped a little. A lot. "A friend would be nice."

"You know, Harmony, I'd like to take the 'I guess' out of that statement. And the 'okay', too. I want your job to be a great, wonderful experience...I want working here... for me... to be a very pleasurable, er, pleasant experience."

His hands were so on my shoulders. His hands were still so on my shoulders? His hands were ---

"Ummmm, are we still talking about work?"

"Well, I'll let you get right back to that job. Draw up those requisitions and I'll sign them right away, got it? And you go have a good day."

And now his hand was on my ass. Angel had been really nice and all, so I was gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and not think he was checking for otter-induced weight gain.

"Ok then," I called over my shoulder as I left his office. "And ok! And...ok?"

I settled back into my desk.

I had other people's money to spend.

Which I, you know, appreciated.

((open to Spike))
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You need to find a way... [24 Apr 2005|03:42pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I watched Faith leave and fought the urge to follow her. It was weird, the connection we had while we were having sex seemed to disappear the moment we put our clothes on. Except, maybe it didn't, because I swear she looked at me before walking out and I know I watched her until she was out of my line of vision. She had to be a slayer, and maybe I should have asked. It's just, that is a pretty big question and we were barely on a first names basis. I had her number and I'd be calling it again. Yeah, chances were good she'd laugh at me and then hang up when I did, but you can't blame a guy for trying.

Once I finished getting dressed, I found my car and headed back home. I needed to take a shower and call Carly. She wouldn't believe what had happened to me and I'd have to figure out how to tell her while sparing some of the details because it really was a too much information type of situation. No one was home when I walked through the door. Mom and Dad were probably at work and the sisters were in school. Good. No one needed to know that I blew off my morning classes to have a one morning stand in an abandoned building.

I took the stairs up to my room and was stripping out of my clothes when I noticed the letter laying on top of my pillow. I sat down on the bed and opened it carefully. It was from Carly. I'd know her handwriting anywhere. My chest tightened slightly as I read about her plans to leave and where I could go if I really needed assistance in figuring out who, or what I was. I folded the letter carefully and stuffed it in my wallet. Carly said that I should use Wolfram and Hart as a last resort, but after what happened with the van, the nightmares, and this afternoon with Faith, I was pretty sure it was time to go for the last resort. I needed answers and if my best friend wasn't going to be here to help me, then I'd take her resources and help myself. Man, I hoped she had a blast on her trip, but I was really going to miss her.

After a quick shower and changing into fresh clothes, I grabbed my keys and wallet and left a note for my parents that I'd call later. My phone was in the car charging when I pulled out of the driveway and made the drive to Wolfram and Hart. I wasn't sure who to speak to when I got there, but I figured there was no harm in asking to speak to the guy in charge, right? The worst that could happen is I get sent to some assistant or something. It's just, my situation was pretty weird, and I'd rather just deal with the man in charge.

I parked my car in the visitor's section of the parking lot and made my way into the lobby. I stopped cold when I read the names of some of the key staff. Angel. CEO. I had dreams, nightmares, and one name that was always on the tip of my tongue when I woke up was Angel. Maybe that was my clue to come here to find my answers. I waited patiently at the desk for one of the girls to ask if she could help me.

"I need to see the ceo, Angel. Tell him Connor Riley is here to see him and that it's an emergency."

(open to Angel)

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Very Interesting. [24 Apr 2005|03:58am]

[ mood | strange ]

It was quite a nice office with city view for an entry-level do-gooder position in team Angel. They could have done a lot better - bigger view, bigger chair - but then again, why complain? I was right where I wanted to be, where I needed to be, and with my foot in the door. All that I needed to do now was work my way up the food chain and implement my charm on the goodie do-gooders to get close to them, gain their trust and make them believe that I was on their goody-good side. It was going to be interesting to see how things would develop from here. But with a 'top notch' team, like the one Angel had working for him, I doubted I would come across any real bumps in the road.

I had to admit that Eve had come through for me like she always had. Not that I ever doubted her. Her eye to detail was impeccable as was her expensive taste in clothes. I was just still a little ticked at her for not informing me through the proper channels about the last minute decisions she had taken upon herself to change with regards to our plans. But it all seemed to work for the best. Now everything was simply just a matter of time… and coordination on our parts.

I sat behind my desk and smiled. I looked over the pitiable excuse of a case that I would be working on for weeks, or… week, idly reading through the hand written notes and the printed report. This was going to put me on Mr. C.E.O vamp detective’s good graces. For a while at least. There was still much work to be done, and really, I didn’t think the guy was so stupid as to believe my façade so quickly and so early in the game. And if he did? Well, then he was more foolish than I had originally though. So I guess I had to give the guy credit for at least just that. Kudos to the ensoul boss.

I leaned back on the chair, as I leafed through the file. As I read, my hands began to undo my tie. After thirty seconds or so I frowned when I realized what it was that I was doing. Well that’s interestingly new… I thought to myself. I had never done something like that, especially not at my place of work. Not unless I was undressing for bed or for… other things. But somehow this felt completely natural, so I paid no real attention to it and went back to reading the file. There was nothing in there that I didn’t already know. I suppose I just wanted to go through the motions. Still, it felt a little off, but nothing was really out of the ordinary.

Except for my tie… already off of my neck and laid neatly across the table. “Hmm… very interestingly new.”

Before I knew it the first two buttons on my shirt and my cuffs were also undone. Nothing wrong with that, right? Many people did that now a days. Mostly on casual Fridays. In fact, the more I thought about it, I couldn’t understand why the idea hadn’t crossed my thoughts before, but it didn’t seem to really matter at the present moment. Nevertheless, some things still felt a little strange, I couldn’t quiet place why things felt a little off, almost as if I was not quite myself.

Definitely interesting.

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Someone needs a talkin' to... [17 Apr 2005|01:33pm]

[ mood | angry ]

After getting directions from Lilah, I walked through as many fuckin' walls and doors and floors as it took me t'finally get t'Percy's office. Maybe if he got me all riled up enough, I'd be able t'punch him.

Heh. There was a trick I hadn't learned just yet...

Saw him finally, lookin' all morose - oh, poor soddin' baby, got snogged by two birds and now were we feelin' conflicted? Good.

Wait, why was it good? Couldn't remember... oh! On account of the hittin' he'd done t'Miss L.

"You," I started, pointin' a finger at him, "should be ashamed of yourself... runnin' 'bout, kissin' LILAH when we knew you were daft over SweetPea - and I am not 'bout t'be the one t'tell of your indiscretion mind you - but you didn't have the balls t'stand up! Admit you liked it?"

I walked closer t'him until I was smack dab in the center of his desk, then sat down on it. Huh... didn't know i could do that. I stood, then sat, stood, then sat... walked outta the desk, then back and sat again, crossin' my arms and tryin' t'remember why I was here again.

"What did you say?"

No, wait, I'd been the one yabberin' on... 'bout what though... oh, shit, right! Snoggin' and then...

"And then you went off and hit her?" Shook my head at him. "S'not right, you should see her, mate... tryin' t'put make-up on and it looks just the same, all bruised up and shit... when I was evil I didn't do that sorta thing t'birds..."

I stood and walked through the desk until I was inches from his fuckin' face. Oh yeah, maybe... maybe... I concentrated, and pointed a finger at his chest with a satisfyin' touch, or shove, rather, and laughed.

"Yeah... you best watch it, mate. Call yourself a White Hat, but you're cheatin' on Fred, slappin' Lilah... I'm not goin' t'forget this. Consider yourself one lucky bloke that nothin' happened today on account of me bein' ghostly and all..."

I slipped down through the floor before he could say another word, and landed in an empty office where I made myself nice and comfy.

Yeah, much better...

((Open to Wes... then Fred & Cordy when they're done talking))

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Where's a Spare When You Need One? [11 Apr 2005|12:36am]

I headed out the door leavin' the kid and a bunch of unanswered questions in his head too I was sure. Not that I didn't want to figure out why the hell he was able to keep up with me, I was just glad he had. I glanced at the time on the bank sign just to see how long I had been in there with the boy wonder.

"Shit. It's already noon?"

I pulled my cell outta' my pocket and dialed information, cause I hadn't really thought to get the direct line to Lilah. Though I really should get it, for ya' know emergencies and shit. The computer chick on the other end connected me at no additional charge, which wasn't that sweeta' her. The line rang through to an operator and I got hooked up to Lilah's voicemail. Out of the office they said. Maybe she was all science gal with Fred or somethin' checkin' the body down in the lab.

"Lilah, it's Faith. Checkin' to see if you found the leftover parts of that Watcher, and if you found anything out. You got my number call me back when you know somethin' new."

I flipped the phone closed against my hip and tucked it into my front pocket. I crossed the street and headed back to Kennedy's place. I needed a shower and hell maybe even a nap. Whatever the hell had been buggin' my system up was gone by now, but I still felt drained. Not only from the little go I had with the kid, but just felt a bit off.

Rollin' my shoulder a bit I tried to work out some kink I felt in my back. It stung a bit, and I smirked thinkin' about whatever scrapes I was bound to have. Damn, was the apartments really this far away? I glanced up the road and finally caught sight of the building. 'Bout damn time too, all this activity was bound to annoy the hell outta' me.

I made my way up to her apartment and gave a few knocks. Either she was a fuckin' sound ass sleeper, or she wasn't in. Course it was just my luck afterall. I kicked the toe of my boot against the wall in a bit of anger. Damn, place like this and I didn't think to ask her for a spare key.

Old days? I would'a just kicked in the door and be done with it, but I wasn't 'bout to get off on that sort of foot with Kennedy. Not after the last run in we had. There had to be another way. I headed down to the main floor. Figured this high class joint had to have someone for guest relations and all that rich person crap like I saw on Nick and Jessica. Hey don't look at me that way. Girl was a kick on that show.

Sure enough, main floor complete with front desk like troll of a guy. All with the security feeds gettin' his kicks watchin' people with the comin' and goin'. I walked up and tossed on my best give me what I want smile and started with the chattin' all my sister is lettin' me stay over, and I forgot my key deal. A few bats of the eyelash and a nice squeeze of the 'ledge and I was walkin' up with a key.

I let myself in, and locked behind me just in case Mr. Front Desk got any creepy ideas. I took a shower and dressed again. Floppin' onto the couch I started flippin' channels. I was bored, and kinda hungry. I would'a gotten up to check the fridge but I did that the night before and found it pretty fuckin' empty. So I figured I would just wait. Either Lilah would return my call, or Kennedy would be home and I could fill her in. Either way I wasn't gettin' off this couch unless the building was on fire.

((Open to Either Kennedy or Lilah, whoever is free first))
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Is that otter? [09 Apr 2005|09:51pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I never knew that vampires could get eyestrain. But then again, I'd never spent hours staring at a computer monitor. After a long stretch of time, all I could do was lean back and stare at the ceiling for a while before my eyes started climbing out of their sockets in protest.

Reaching for my desk, I fumbled for a second before I found my mug, but when I brought it to my lips, I found that the blood in it had gone cold somewhere between the eleventh and twelfth times I'd realized that I was getting nowhere. And sue me, I was getting used to having warm blood that I didn't have to pick up almost frozen from the butcher shop.

Hitting the intercom switch that connected me to Harmony's desk, I set the mug as far away from me as it could go.

"Harmony, could you bring me in a fresh mug of blood, please?"

Okay, so she couldn't type worth a damn. We had computers now, and maybe I didn't have the slightest idea on how to use a tenth of it, I knew enough that they pretty much made typewriters only useful as paperweights. And all right, so there was the lateness thing... and the leaving early thing... and the general lack of motivation to do a whole lot more than what was absolutely necessary... but really, Harmony wasn't so bad a secretary.

Maybe we needed to start being a little nicer to her. I mean, sure she was evil, but she did seem to be trying. Not hard, of course. But trying.

((Open to Harmony.))

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