Kennedy (chosenpotential) wrote in hellmouth_of_la,

Is This Place A Maze Or What?

I wandered the halls, desperately trying to find my way back outside. I couldn't remember where I'd came in. Roger had been with me and we had been talking, so I wasn't really paying much attention.

I found a stairwell and headed downstairs, searching for the door, or even someone familiar. Where the hell had Faith gone? Hello, I thought she was hungry too. I guess she had some kind of appointment she might have forgotten about.

Where the hell was the door? This place can't be that big. Can it?

I sighed, stopping in the middle of the hall and running my hand through my hair. I was getting very frustrated. Almost to the point of tears. And I don't cry. I never cry. But right now? If I didn't find the front door and get my pizza, I seriously might.

Leaning against the wall, I slid down and sat in the floor, holding my head in my hands. I was lost. And I was never getting out of this place. And I sure as hell wasn't getting my pizza.

A ringing sound startled me from my thoughts and I looked around, wondering what was going on. Was it some kind of fire alarm? Cause if it was? I was going to be engulfed in the flames, unable to find my way out. If I didn't starve to death first.

Then I realized it was my cellphone. Oh right. Pulling it out of my back pocket, I flipped it open, holding it to my ear cautiously.

"Hello?" I whispered, my eyes wide as I looked up and down the hall. Someone could be listening. Or watching me. You never know.

((open to the other end of the line *L*))
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