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The plague of thoughts.

I was lookin' over files, sittin' in my office, no different then any other day really, except that it was.

This day was different, because like the last couple, we now knew that we had a hellmouth right here, sittin' below us.

Didn't really know what all of that meant, but I had heard Angel talk about Sunnydale a lot and was guessin' that it was goin' to be a party; the kind that you didn't really want to go to.

Not that I was doin' a lot of partyin' lately. With all of the shit that we had goin' on hre and havin' to defend scumbags at the behest of the senior partners, and then dealin' with the guilt of that, not exactly the best thing for the soul, and definitely took any partyin' edge away.

I tossed the pen in my hand down on the file that I was lookin' at. It wasn't the most disgustin' client that I had ever seen, or had to represent, but then again, all of them were scum, people that I wanted to hit, and yet, I had to spin off the Gilbert and Sullivan in the car on the way to the courthouse and get in there and dazzle.

I had been feelin' kinda worse, as every case went by and I missed the slayin', nothin' like dustin' some vamps, but somethin' else was botherin' me right now.

I got up, and it was sort of involuntary. I didn't even mean to, but I just found myself lookin' out the window and there, was Knox of all people!

I closed my eyes and opened them again, and this time, he wasn't sittin' there smilin' at me like the very dead scientist that he was, just seconds ago.

I couldn't help but think about Fred. Yeah, we still got along great, but the distance wasn't easy to deal with and of course, Knox had been there, tryin' to woo her first and after that, well, Wes had seemed to get what he had always wanted.

That was cool, but seein' Knox hoverin' outside of a window, lacked in the 'I want that to happen all of the time department. Maybe I was workin' too hard? Hell, that couldn't be it. I didn't know any other way.

I paced around a little bit and sat down, the chair not as comfortable as it normally was, not iftting my form exactly the way it usually did, nice and snug, supportin' my back.

I started to open the file back up, but I could swear that on the top of the file, I saw the name Alanna Gunn. I looked at it again. My baby sis' name wasn't there, but twice in a manner of minutes, I had seen somethin' and was a little freaked.

Tryin' to deflect those thoughts away and focus on the team, the objective here, I positioned myself in the chair in a way that was comfy and cozy and put my hands behind the back of my head, just tryin' to chill for a minute.

Before, of course, I prepared for the next case.
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