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The Collecting of Thoughts

Even after she and then Cordelia had both left the office, after custodial services had cleared away the remnants of our feast, Fred's words regarding her unusual experiences so far this day stayed with me.

"Well, when I got here this morning, other than I visit to drop off some mail... I haven't seen anyone today, I mean any of ya'll. I went right up to my office, and... I stayed up in my office? I... I think I might have even spent some time under my desk? That's strange right? I am right in thinking that's off?"

She certainly had been correct, as far as I was concerned. Cordy's relating of Lorne's unusual reaction to a reading had also struck me as unusual. Adding all that to the wildly irregular happenings in this very office of a few hours ago, and I felt exceedingly justified in feeling suspicious. Of what, and to what end, I was still unfortunately at a total loss.

Sitting down at my desk, I tried to calm myself and clear my mind. Perhaps, I thought, if I could only arrange and order what I knew about the situation I might be able to piece together a solution, or at least, some direction.

Since arriving this morning, I'd felt somewhat scatterbrained-- almost as if I were having trouble concentrating on simple tasks or recalling very recent events. And then there was the one, glaring and infurating example of intolerably unacceptable behaviour. I shook my head, ruefully recalling just how simple and straightforwardly wonderful the day before had been. Away from this office building, away from Wolfram & Hart, things had been all but perfect.

With something of a more pleasant thought giving me a brief respite from my worries, I reached for the phone to give Fred a quick call to thank her for her gift.

((Open to Lilah, then Roger))
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