Faith Lehane (msattentionspan) wrote in hellmouth_of_la,
Faith Lehane

Where's a Spare When You Need One?

I headed out the door leavin' the kid and a bunch of unanswered questions in his head too I was sure. Not that I didn't want to figure out why the hell he was able to keep up with me, I was just glad he had. I glanced at the time on the bank sign just to see how long I had been in there with the boy wonder.

"Shit. It's already noon?"

I pulled my cell outta' my pocket and dialed information, cause I hadn't really thought to get the direct line to Lilah. Though I really should get it, for ya' know emergencies and shit. The computer chick on the other end connected me at no additional charge, which wasn't that sweeta' her. The line rang through to an operator and I got hooked up to Lilah's voicemail. Out of the office they said. Maybe she was all science gal with Fred or somethin' checkin' the body down in the lab.

"Lilah, it's Faith. Checkin' to see if you found the leftover parts of that Watcher, and if you found anything out. You got my number call me back when you know somethin' new."

I flipped the phone closed against my hip and tucked it into my front pocket. I crossed the street and headed back to Kennedy's place. I needed a shower and hell maybe even a nap. Whatever the hell had been buggin' my system up was gone by now, but I still felt drained. Not only from the little go I had with the kid, but just felt a bit off.

Rollin' my shoulder a bit I tried to work out some kink I felt in my back. It stung a bit, and I smirked thinkin' about whatever scrapes I was bound to have. Damn, was the apartments really this far away? I glanced up the road and finally caught sight of the building. 'Bout damn time too, all this activity was bound to annoy the hell outta' me.

I made my way up to her apartment and gave a few knocks. Either she was a fuckin' sound ass sleeper, or she wasn't in. Course it was just my luck afterall. I kicked the toe of my boot against the wall in a bit of anger. Damn, place like this and I didn't think to ask her for a spare key.

Old days? I would'a just kicked in the door and be done with it, but I wasn't 'bout to get off on that sort of foot with Kennedy. Not after the last run in we had. There had to be another way. I headed down to the main floor. Figured this high class joint had to have someone for guest relations and all that rich person crap like I saw on Nick and Jessica. Hey don't look at me that way. Girl was a kick on that show.

Sure enough, main floor complete with front desk like troll of a guy. All with the security feeds gettin' his kicks watchin' people with the comin' and goin'. I walked up and tossed on my best give me what I want smile and started with the chattin' all my sister is lettin' me stay over, and I forgot my key deal. A few bats of the eyelash and a nice squeeze of the 'ledge and I was walkin' up with a key.

I let myself in, and locked behind me just in case Mr. Front Desk got any creepy ideas. I took a shower and dressed again. Floppin' onto the couch I started flippin' channels. I was bored, and kinda hungry. I would'a gotten up to check the fridge but I did that the night before and found it pretty fuckin' empty. So I figured I would just wait. Either Lilah would return my call, or Kennedy would be home and I could fill her in. Either way I wasn't gettin' off this couch unless the building was on fire.

((Open to Either Kennedy or Lilah, whoever is free first))
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