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Is that otter?

I never knew that vampires could get eyestrain. But then again, I'd never spent hours staring at a computer monitor. After a long stretch of time, all I could do was lean back and stare at the ceiling for a while before my eyes started climbing out of their sockets in protest.

Reaching for my desk, I fumbled for a second before I found my mug, but when I brought it to my lips, I found that the blood in it had gone cold somewhere between the eleventh and twelfth times I'd realized that I was getting nowhere. And sue me, I was getting used to having warm blood that I didn't have to pick up almost frozen from the butcher shop.

Hitting the intercom switch that connected me to Harmony's desk, I set the mug as far away from me as it could go.

"Harmony, could you bring me in a fresh mug of blood, please?"

Okay, so she couldn't type worth a damn. We had computers now, and maybe I didn't have the slightest idea on how to use a tenth of it, I knew enough that they pretty much made typewriters only useful as paperweights. And all right, so there was the lateness thing... and the leaving early thing... and the general lack of motivation to do a whole lot more than what was absolutely necessary... but really, Harmony wasn't so bad a secretary.

Maybe we needed to start being a little nicer to her. I mean, sure she was evil, but she did seem to be trying. Not hard, of course. But trying.

((Open to Harmony.))
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